Lyric Video - Planet California

Planet California is one of the top songs right now in the Song Brigade Catalog. The song was written by Mike Lounibos and Mitch Ballard on B.J. Thomas' bus while on a run between Nashville and Georgia.The song exemplifies the fun misconceptions many people have of Californians. Its upbeat, fast and fun and we hope Planet California will become one of your top songs right now so you'll add it to your favorite play lists. California is a great place to live and these lyrics sum up our spirit.

Lyric Video - Rows of Roses

Rows Of Roses 

Mike’s debut country music video, was written by his friend and hit writer Nomi Yah. When Mike first heard the song he knew it was right up his ally; a heartfelt story love song perfect for his vocal range.

Every Child's Eyes - written by Denis Loiseau and Maurice Byrne, Mike Lounibos - vocalist and the bus driver

I have a special announcement: I had the opportunity to sing and act in a wonderful Music video for a cause very dear to my heart, CASA. My friends, Denis Loiseau - a long-time volunteer with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) and Maurice Byrne got inspired and co-wrote a song for the cause called “Every Child’s Eyes” and the music video recently launched on YouTube:This short music video (4:00+) tells the story of a young boy in foster care, a friendship, a CASA volunteer, and the gift of a forever home. Watch it with a tissue. Watch it with a friend. Do you want to know more about CASA?