1. Who's To Say


Who's To Say
(Mike Lounibos)
We all have so much to give
If we could just find a way to live
in love and peace - then we could see the beauty in eachother
`cause even when somebody dies with pride on either side
It's an ugly thing no matter what it brings


Who's to say that we can't live as one?
If we would all put down our guns
Just imagine a world without soldiers
Who's to say we can't bury all the hate
keeping us apart in vain
Just imagine a world without borders
Will we ever care enough to see that day
Who's to say

We've seen when there's trajedy
Nations come together helping those in need
It's powerful - the healing miracles - we can bring about
When we choose to set aside our greed and pride
Get un-political - anything's possible - so


So you pray to your God and I'll pray to mine
And it's OK if you don't have one-
just wish the best for human kind - `cause


Mike Lounibos
© 2017 - Song Brigade