2021 - New Beginnings...


“Give Yourself To The Art”

One of my friends, Ian Crombie, told me this one summer and it stuck. I recently took about a two-year hiatus from music, dedicating myself to improving my photography skills.  What I’ve recently learned is when you have a deep passion for something you can’t hide from it.


This year as the holidays drew near, my friend Antoinette Olsen and I decided to give our heroes, our Moms, a special 2020 Christmas gift. We created a music video to our song, The Woman, and this has re-awakened the singer/songwriter in me.  So my 2021 resolution is to give myself back to the music and get singing and songwriting again.


Enjoy The Woman



Photos provided by,  Jere Carr III, Gg Nickel Images, Laurel Moore.